Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Web Conference Objectives

Log on, Plug in, Fire up:  Technological Trends in Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education

A bold new approach to teaching, learning, and collaboration

Technological change in the learning environment means we must go beyond traditional approaches when educating adult professionals.  This essential, one-day conference, designed specifically for educators, trainers, instructional designers, higher education administrators and students, showcases the most popular trends in adult, continuing, and higher education.

This conference will provide insights into Social Media in education, accessibility, instructional strategies and design, and Massive Open Online Courses.  By the end of the conference, you will understand:
  • How to implement specific examples of educational technology trends in your online classroom
  • How to use social media in the online classroom and apply best practices in this learning format
  • Instructional strategy models and the relationship between learners, process, and format
  •  Strategies for implementing a plan to address accessibility concerns for all learners

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